Condolence & Memory Journal

To Paul's family and friends, please accept my most sincerest condolences. I worked together with Paul many years ago. Along with Arthur Flavin, we were 3rd shift Computer Operators at Prime Computer in Framingham. The brief friendship we developed left me with many laughable memories. Paul's stories and contagious laughter made me look forward to going to work. There was never a dull moment with "PAULdot", the thought of him brings a smile to my face. He will truly be missed.

Posted by Dave Sarrasin - Uxbridge, MA - Friend   November 13, 2019

To Paul's family, colleague and friends, so sorry for your/our loss.

Paul and I worked on a project almost 20 years ago at IBM. He had a big personality, and always brought a smile to those around him. He will be greatly missed. It is with great sadness that it is now the end of "short season".

Posted by Doug Conmy - Nashua, NH   January 29, 2019

The Big boy will be greatly missed. This is more than a tragedy its a senseless act upon a wonderful man. Paul and I worked together at Wang, we played basketball at Wang, when his "work family" moved to Lotus Paul followed a couple of years later and the family was back together. We never missed a beat. As every person here has said, he made everyone feel comfortable even though he towered over us all with this height, brilliance, and wit. Years after I moved to Florida we stayed in touch but not often enough. We hooked up for golf a couple of times and it was like we were still working together 40+ hours a week and hitting the links after work or on a Saturday. Even his golf score card required a masters degree to understand. He could tell where every one of his shots landed when the round was done. We've been out of touch recently but he will always be a good friend and provide many great memories. Miss you buddy.

Posted by Steve Mercier - Bradenton, FL - Family Friend   January 26, 2019

As my husband's first cousin, Paul was always part of any family gathering. He usually lingered after most others left to just hang out and share the experience. I have always been fascinated with his depth of knowledge and ability to explain complex concepts, events, issues and opinions (which I always totally agreed with). Paul was totally devoted to family and had successfully balanced both his parents' near opposite needs with humor and dignity. All of us will miss him forever as he was pretty much the core of the Hemmerich/Wilson extended family.

Posted by Bart Hemmerich - MILFORD, NH - Family   January 25, 2019

My deepest condolences to Paul's family. I've known Paul for about 20 years through IBM where we worked in the same group and often on the same teams. I remember fondly his warm, friendly demeanor and his interest and knowledge in just about any subject. We ate lunch together for several years and he brought deep information and enthusiasm to our conversations. I often felt I learned more during lunch than during the rest of my day. So sad that we lost Paul.

Posted by Tom Lowell - Southborough, MA - Coworker   January 25, 2019

Prayers to Paul's friends and family. A wonderful person who is missed by his Cambridge IBM colleagues. Rest in peace, my friend. ~ Jean Hamilton

Posted by Jean Hamilton - Billerica, MA - Coworker   January 24, 2019


I am so very sorry to hear that Paul has passed away. He was truly special person, appreciated for his intelligence, humor, and positive outlook. I ran into him unexpectedly just before the 2018 holidays, after many years apart, and it was wonderful to reconnect with him. He will be missed a great deal by many.

Posted by Mark Nowacki - Wilmington, MA - Coworker   January 24, 2019

I worked with Paul years ago, and remember his smile and warmth. I was so sad to hear of his sudden passing. --S. Gourdin

Posted by S Gourdin - MA   January 21, 2019

My deepest condolences to Paul's family. Paul was such a kind, warm, and thoughtful person. I admired him for his bright mind, phenomenal memory, incredible erudition, and, of course, his amazing sense of humor. I worked with Paul for 7 years at Lotus/IBM since 2000, and we kept in touch after I left the company. He was always enthusiastic about so many different things, always sharing stories and hilarious observations. He will be greatly missed.

Posted by Julia Pogrebnyak - Newton, MA   January 17, 2019


"My deepest condolences to Paul's family. I worked with him for several years at Lotus/IBM. RIP .
Deepest sympathies
Joan Kirwan - Dublin Ireland

Posted by Joan Kirwan - Dublin - Coworker   January 16, 2019

My condolences to the Wilson Family. I have known Paul for close 20 years, working with him at various times at Iris/IBM. He was part of our lunch group everyday for more that 4 years. He could discuss any subject from sports to politics and everything under sun. It was always a learning experience to talk with Paul. I will miss his knowledge and his great personality. Rest in peace, you will not be forgotten.

Posted by Steve Bussell - Sandown, NH   January 13, 2019

Paul has a knack for making a total stranger feel comfortable. I remembered feeling nervous about our first visit in Danvers (circa 1982). My husband told me that I will fall in love with the Wilson's warmth and hospitality. And then he said, "wait 'till you meet my cousin Paul!" I am 5'5" and cousin Paul walks in the living room at 6'6" with a big smile and a voice that can lift you out of a blue mood! He made me feel welcomed and before long we were talking about any and all subject that come to mind ( a walking encyclopedia). I work with techies for almost 40 years but I will say that Paul stands out when it comes to breaking down technical information in a readable and interesting way. When we decided to have our own family, Paul stayed closer. He made sure to visit with them every time we were back east. His enviable communication skills and non-judgmental attitude (especially during or kids' hormonal teen years) drew our kids closer to him. He genuinely enjoyed being around them. Our kids loved him for his wit and humor, and simply put, he was the fun Uncle. You are sorely missed but we will live in your loving memories.

~Sylvia L.E. Hemmerich, Family, San Ramon, CA

Posted by Sylvia E Hemmerich Hemmerich - San Ramon, CA - Family   January 11, 2019

Please accept my deepest sympathies. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


Michael Sullivan

Posted by Michael Sullivan - Cambridge, MA   January 11, 2019

My deepest condolences to Paul's family. I worked with him for several years at Lotus/IBM. He was the most gentlest and kindest person anyone could ever meet. I am grateful that I had met him. He always had a way of finding the bright spots in any situation and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.
May you all find peace during this difficult time ~ Jeanne Yuen

Posted by Jeanne Yuen - Wilmington, MA - Coworker   January 11, 2019

So sorry for your loss. Paul always greeted us with a smile and friendly conversation as we waited for the Beede Center's opening with his snow flake bag. Motorcycle Paul will be missed by many friends

Posted by Nancy Wright - Concord - Friend   January 10, 2019

My life was enriched for having known Paul. We were colleagues for many years at Lotus. And then in 2006 Paul came to work for me. He was an amazingly hard worker who could conquer any challenge thrown his way, mostly because of his brilliance but often just out of his sheer determination to solve the problem. He was always willing to help and support colleagues. He had a very determined sense of justice and always defended what he thought was right and usually was able to convince everyone to see it his way. He was truly a gentle giant. It is still hard to believe this kind of tragedy could beset someone as kind and brilliant as Paul. He will be missed.

Posted by Robin Rouse - Holmes Beach, FL   January 10, 2019

I have known Paul for about 20 years, working with him on 2 different software projects, recently in Littleton, in side-by-side cubes, until our team was broken up in mid-2018. Paul was also a fixture at our lunch table for the past 4 years, and joining a group of coworkers on our monthly last-Friday lunches out of the office. During that time, I grew to know Paul, his likes and loves (golf, astronomy, travel, family), his wit (he had great nicknames for local athletes, celebrities, and political figures), and his passion about basically everything. Will miss his presence, his take on current events, his determination to enjoy life, and his proclivity to wear shorts even on the coldest days of the year! That last one I could never figure out!! A kind and gentle soul to be missed by all.

Posted by Mark Rovelli - Concord, MA - Coworker   January 10, 2019

Please accept our condolences. We all have heartwarming memories of Paul...friendly, kind, positive, a swimming star. Paul will be missed.

Posted by Beede Swim and Fitness Center Membership and Staff - Concord, MA - Acquaintance   January 10, 2019


I knew Paul from Danvers High School. We were in the band, orchestra, marching band, and stage band together for four years. Paul was an outstanding musician, but beyond that, he was a genuinely nice guy and a wonderful human being. Paul was also very quick-witted and was always smiling - he certainly loved a good joke!!! I feel honored to have known Paul - he was an awesome friend and classmate and he will be terribly missed by everyone whose life he touched.

Posted by Cheryl Luzinski - Salem, MA - Classmate   January 09, 2019

Paul was always a bright spot in the room. A genuinely warm and kind man. I'm an introvert, but whenever Paul was around, his lift was infectious. It made me come out of my shell. May you rest in power, Paul.

Posted by Matt Hemmerich - Portland, OR - Family   January 09, 2019


So very sorry. Paul was such a warm person and kind to everyone. I always enjoyed talking about photography with him back at Lotus/IBM.

Posted by Andy Schirmer - Coworker   January 09, 2019

I worked midnights with Paul at Prime computer in the early 80s.
His personality certainly helped make the late hours go by.
We called him PAULdot because he insisted on putting that on his email login for no reason other than to differentiate himself from any other potential paulwilsons. That always stuck with me.
im so sorry for your loss.

Posted by arthur flavin - winthrop, MA - Friend   January 09, 2019

Paul RIP. You will be missed my friend. DHS Class of 1977

Posted by Richard Bertone - Dudley, MA - Friend   January 08, 2019

My condolences to Paul's entire family. I pray that you are able to find peace and are comforted by your memories. Rest peacefully my friend.

Posted by ANNE BOLGERT - AUSTIN, TX - Friend   January 08, 2019

I'm so sorry for your loss Paul was great guy haven't seen him in a while he would stop buy the shop on Saturdays every know and then just to say hi and ask how thing was going just a nice guy he will be missed

Posted by Jeffrey Erickson - Friend   January 08, 2019

Paul was such a treasure. He was always cheerful and funny and kind and interesting. I worked with him - in fact, I hired him in 1996 when he came to Lotus/IBM. I think the interview was the only time I ever saw him wear long pants. I can hear his laugh now and see him look up with a smile from his desk. My sympathies to his family. Sarah Meyer Noel

Posted by Sarah Meyer Noel - Evergreen, CO - Coworker   January 08, 2019


Rest In Peace Paul.... Sunday's at Elizabeth's and Ephraim's will never be the same....❤❤

Posted by Nancy &Brian Veillette - Pelham, NH - Family Friend   January 08, 2019

So very sorry. Paul was so kind. That smile..... He will be missed dearly by the Class of '77.

Posted by Cindy Amor - Georgetown, MA - Friend   January 08, 2019

The world has lost one of its genuinely good people. Rest in Peace Paul.

Posted by Paul Callahan    January 08, 2019