Condolence & Memory Journal

God is going to enjoy Larry's company. I know I sure did.

Posted by George Kingsley - DANVERS, MA - Friend   July 15, 2019

Almost 20 years ago, at the age of 51, I decided to learn to play trumpet. Larry was my first teacher. He was a man of great patience and unfailing good humor, and never gave up on this crazy old lady even though I played flat for the entire first year. His teaching set me on a path that has given me great joy, because I am able to play trumpet and trombone with community bands. Larry was kind, smart, supportive, and loved to teach and play music. I will always be grateful to have known him.

Posted by Nancy LeSaffre - Melrose, MA - student   July 15, 2019

I worked with larry for many many years at Beverly High School. He gave my daughter her first flute lessons and she went on to get a BFA in music education and flute performance. I can surely say he started her off on her musical passions. Bonnie Polan

Posted by Bonnie Polan - Danvers   July 15, 2019

I will always be grateful for having the privilege of being part of the Beverly music program while Larry was still actively involved in the band and jazz band. He instilled in me a love and appreciation for music, and taught me how to grow as a musician and a person. I also learned that being a musician and performing was a privilege that required hard work, dedication, responsibility, and professionalism, whether you were getting paid or not. Life lessons from Larry that have served me well ever since. I will never forget him and my time spent in that great music program he built at Beverly.

Posted by Robert Fleming - Lynnfield, MA - Student   July 15, 2019

With our sincere condolences to Judy and family.
Our children were very fortunate to be part of such a great Beverly High School music program directed by Larry, a talented and dedicated educator.

Posted by Malcolm and Vickie Jarvis - Beverly, MA   July 14, 2019

Mr. D. was an extraordinary musician, educator, and family man. Thousands (literally) can testify how much energy and inspiration (and no small amount of laughter!) he brought to the music program of the Beverly Public Schools. I was lucky enough to be in the band room five days a week (1977-1980), and I don't think a day has gone by in the years since I haven't benefited from that experience. It is not just a love of music, it was his way of being in the world: optimistic and entrepreneurial (who else could get a hundred kids to sell manure--for real!--as a fundraiser for one of our band exchange trips); generous and engaging. He loved music for sure, but it was equally clear that he loved all of us. Wish I could remember the handle (Slush Pump??) he used on the CB radios to communicate between the various buses riding to and from games, concerts and competitions. If I could communicate one last message it would be "thank you." To Mrs. D. and the entire Drouin family, my deepest sympathies.

Posted by Debbie Douglas - Arlington, MA - Student   July 14, 2019

My deepest sympathy goes to the Drouin family on their loss of a devoted husband and father. Larry will always be remembered for his smile and the twinkle in his eye whether in a Beverly classroom or on the course at Wenham. He will be fondly remembered.

Posted by Marie Norris - Danvers, MA - Coworker   July 13, 2019


It is almost 50 years to the day when, as a 9-year-old kid, I met Larry for my first trombone lesson. He was always a wonderful teacher, an endless source of inspiration, and a true friend. He will be greatly missed. We all are richer for the blessing of having known him. Judy, my deepest sympathy goes to you.

Posted by Ed Chansky - Las Vegas, NV - Friend   July 12, 2019

I have many happy memories with Mr. Drouin who was the director of Beverly High School band in the years 1971-1974 while I was there. When I started High School, I played the organ, but I really wanted to join my twin brother Paul in the band. He helped me try out the bass clarinet and the trombone. The trombone was his instrument, and it stuck with me. I was able to be in the band and in the stage band during my years at Beverly High. There were many happy memories. There was a funny one that I remember: A group of us went to a musical event in Plymouth, New Hampshire. Mr. Drouin got locked out of his car. He was using a coathanger to try to get in when the police pulled up to check out what he was doing. We loved it! Everyone will remember the discipline methods he used to get good marching performances on Saturdays during football season. He would pick out a "blooper" (translation, someone who was messing up), but would say nothing until we went to band the following Monday. The name of the blooper would be on the board, and he would explain why they were the blooper in words. It could be a matter of chewing bubble gum on the field, or just being the only one that didn't "line up" with the others. Those things made being in the group a lot of fun and brought a great deal of cohesiveness and personality to those who had the joy and privilege or participating in the group! Wonderful memories.

Another memory was when the band would stop in front of an elderly lady's home on O'dell Avenue as the band marched between the High School and Hurd Stadium for football games. We'd play a song for her and the flag squad would do a routine at the same time. The lady would come out and wave a BHS flag.

He was a blessing to everyone that he came in touch with during the beautiful life that he led.

Robert Silva
Folsom, California
Beverly High School class of 1974

Posted by Robert Silva - Folsom, CA - Student   July 12, 2019

I have nothing but great memories from my time in the BHS Music Department. Whether it was summer camp, football games and competition season, exchange trips to Disney World or Niagara Falls, seasonal concerts or 4th period, the one constant through so many years before my time there and after was Mr. Drouin. I feel so very fortunate and blessed to have been just one of the thousands of students who's lives he touched through his kindness, thoughtfulness and that great Mainer sense of humor.

My thoughts and prayers go out to his beloved Judy, Greg, Laura and their families.

Posted by Andrew Gawron - Derry, NH - Student   July 12, 2019

So sorry for your loss! Larry was a wonderful man; very talented and very kind! He will be missed by many.

Posted by Linda Curcuru - Beverly, MA - Acquaintance   July 12, 2019


I will never forget Mr.Drouin as a wonderful Music Teacher. All the events we were involved in. I remember the Exchange concerts with other schools. Especially our trip to Hinsdale, NH. Meeting and staying with families of Hinsdale. Football games, concerts and Parades. Thankyou Larry. Your teachings helped me Support the Danvers Band and the program here.

Posted by Peter McLaughlin - Danvers, MA - Student   July 12, 2019

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Larry was one of a kind. We will miss him

Posted by Paul Pepper - Danvers, MA - Family Friend   July 12, 2019

I spent part of the summers in the early 70's, 4th and 5th grade in the City of Beverly All City Elementary School Band. I played drums along with 9 others kids. I just started and kinda sucked. It was my first exposure to performing or having a voice of any kind. The person leading that program was Larry Drouin. He may never know it and maybe I never realized it until I heard of his passing today, but that time Mr. Drouin and your belief in me and equal stage time you gave to a kid who sucked help make me the person I am today. Thanks! I still play at a semi pro level, have opened for national acts and done just about everything a person would want to do in music. Respect

Posted by Dana MCINTYRE - Essex, MA   July 11, 2019

Judy I am so deeply sorry for the loss of your husband Larry. Love and prayers to you at this difficult time.

Posted by Rose Comeau - Peabody, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

My deepest and most sincere condolences. Mr. Drouin played a huge part in my life in the Beverly school system. He not only helped me with my saxophone, singing, and theater, but on a personal level as well. He was a mentor and a friend. I feel very blessed to have known and learned from him.

Posted by Eric Brokvist - Peabody, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

He was the best music teacher. I'm proud to have known him. He always had me do solos. My sincere condolences to his family. RIP

Posted by Joyce Clohecy - Merrimac, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

I am so sorry for the loss of a Beverly Icon. He live on in so many musical memories.

Posted by Marty Langlois - Beverly, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

Larry was my music teacher at Ellsworth, Maine high school back in 1962. He turned me from a mediocre tuba player into an All-State musician. Judy was a classmate, so we go w-a-a-y back. We stayed in touch over all these years and I deeply saddened to hear about his passing, but thankful to have been considered a good friend for almost 60 years.

-Rick Foster, student and friend, Ellsworth, Maine July 11, 2019

Posted by Rick Foster - Ellsworth, ME - Friend   July 11, 2019

My sincere condolences to his loved ones. I will never forget how his guidance, enthusiasm, insight & compassion impacted my life.

Posted by Maureen MacCarthy - Reading, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

Deepest condolences on the loss of a great man, musician, teacher, and friend. May he rest in Peace and rise in Glory, and may sweet memories console you.

Posted by Rev. Jeanne G Pocius Dorismond - Portsmouth, NH - Friend   July 11, 2019


He'll always be Mr. Drouin to me, even though it's been over 40 years since I graduated. He really loved the music program and the students in it. Being in the 'band room' was one of my favorite places to be in high school. I have hundreds and hundreds of memories of all of the activities he directed, and made some very good friends along the way. His love of music was apparent in everything he did. My sympathies to his family. He brought a lot of joy to so many people.

Posted by Kim Adams - Chelmsford, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

A person that made a difference in so many people's lives. Mr. Drouin welcomed and worked with all his students to have the same passion he had for music. He was a great teacher. He inspired and lifted up those around him. May his memory be a blessing.

Posted by Pamela Milman Stein - peabody, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

Oh, Larry! I loved him as a Music Teacher. He was a terrific guy. Kind, talented and truly cared about the students. He never stifled any of our creativity and respected our talent. Sleep well, Mr Droiun. I am sorry to hear of his passing. (BHS Class of 1971)

Posted by Heidi Condon - Port St. Lucie, FL - Student   July 11, 2019

I have many fond memories of Larry through the years our daughters were in the Beverly High School Band and music program. My sincere condolences to his lovely wife, Judy, and his family.

Posted by Lee Riley - Beverly, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

Judy: very sad to hear of Larry's passing. Such a nice person, we will all miss seeing him at MSC. Keeping you and your family in our prayers. Love Karen &Mike Hagan

Posted by Karen Hagan - Danvers, MA   July 11, 2019

My sorrow is shared. He will be greatly missed and he was greatly loved by so many. I was one of last music teachers that he hired in 1998 to the Beverly Public school system....thank you Larry for giving me that opportunity. a wonderful man. Betsy Retallack

Posted by Betsy Retallack - Beverly, MA - Coworker   July 11, 2019

I always enjoyed his enthusiasm. I could not sing and really did not play a instrument but he still was apart of my education. My Deepest Sympathies for you loss of such a lovely man.

Posted by cindy modugno modugno - beverly, MA - Student   July 11, 2019

God bless you MR D.

Posted by NANCY FORRANT - beverly, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

Judy, Laura and Greg, my thoughts are with you and your whole family as you work to heal from Larry's passing. Fond wishes to all of you.

Posted by Clair Ward - Topsfield, MA - Family Friend   July 11, 2019

I'm so sorry for your loss.You have my deepest sympathies.

Posted by Donna DeToma - Worcester, MA   July 11, 2019

Larry Drouin was one of the kindest and warmest gentle men that I have had the joy of knowing. Because of his illness, while he no longer sang in the choir, his voice rang melodiously behind me when the choir took seats in the congregation. Larry was a lucky man to have the love and support of his wonderful wife Judy who supported him with her strength and love during his illness. He never changed from the warm-hearted man I had first met when I joined the Maple Street church - while some have a character change due to Alzeimer's, Larry remained a kind, decent human being whom God will welcome into eternity.

Posted by Faith Bertrand - Wenham, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

Larry was one of the best music educators in all New England. He started me on brass lessons when I was a kid and taught me how to be a great musician and educator. He gave me a chance to teach alongside with him the great champion Beverly high school band. Ill never forget the great band trips and all the other times we got together for dinner and going for a cold beer after rehearsals and performances. To the true Band God Rest In Peace from one of your Disciples the big Banana Dave Bunten

Posted by Dave Bunten - Reading, MA   July 11, 2019

So sorry to hear about Mr. Drouin. I first met him when I was 10, learning to play the flute, and he led such a wonderful music program for the Beverly schools; my years spent in the music program hold some of my fondest memories. Thank you for that. I also had the privilege of working with his wife Judy at Ledgewood about 20 years ago - I worked in the activity dept after becoming a music therapist, a career I chose due to the amazing music program I had been a part of for so long. My deepest condolences to you and your family, Judy.

Posted by Beth Enos - Rowley, MA - student   July 11, 2019

I am so saddened by this news, Larry was a wonderful man and an active member of MSCC ,he will be missed ...My sincere sympathy to his lovely wife Judy and their family .

Posted by Betty Nash - Danvers, MA - Friend   July 11, 2019

He was a great teacher and wonderful human being. He gave me a chance and hired me as a music teacher after I graduated. I will never forget him for that. I miss him.

Posted by James Lindroth - Student   July 11, 2019

My deepest condolences to all of you. Larry was such a lovely man who made a beautiful life for you, filled with music and laughter. He will be remembered in my heart, and is surely singing with the angels now, and making beautiful music as he did in life! Much love, Jennifer, Francesca and Miranda

Posted by Jennifer Napolitano - Danvers, MA - Family Friend   July 11, 2019